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Have You Got Questions?

What do I need to do if somebody knocks down a portable toilet or if bad weather knocks it down?

Although each of our portable toilets are designed for sturdiness and avoid tipping over, there are occasions in which it can happen. You may contact us for prompt servicing when an issue like that does transpire.

Could I book a portable toilet today and get it today?

If you find that you want portable toilets today and have not ordered upfront, you should call us today and let us look into what we can figure out. We often have got a few portable toilet units on hand that are not already booked, and we might be ready to assist with pressing orders.

I'll be working with the units in inclement weather conditions. Should I be concerned about them getting blown down?

We anticipate bad weather conditions, so we build each of our portable toilet units to survive it. Having said that, in particularly windy areas, you can also get unique pegs that are designed to keep the portable toilet in the ground to avoid any chance of falling as a consequence of weather factors.

Exactly what happens to the waste material out of my portable toilets?

The waste matter from the equipment is going to be pumped out and brought to a regional waste center through safe transportation. The facilities are going to correctly eliminate the waste matter.

What are the specific standards with regard to portable toilets for a work site?

You are required to provide a portable toilet for your job location as outlined by OSHA regulations and local rules. A number of models are usually preferable for bigger teams and long projects.

Will it be acceptable to get the units for just one afternoon?

Regardless of how long you need your portable toilets, we are ready to assist you. We'll be glad to provide units for one day, for several weeks, or for longer term plans. Simply call us today, and we'll assist you to assess your requirements and plan your order.

What exactly do our payments include?

Transport and set up, options, routine maintenance, and removing are covered in the charge.

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